School Zone


Streets within the Blockhouse Bay Intermediate school zone

Starting at the intersection of Parker Avenue and Titirangi Road travel north east along the centre of Titirangi Road (even 128 and below included). Turn east along the centre of Great North Road (even numbers included) into Totara Avenue. Continue east along the centre of Totara Avenue (odd numbers included), then along the centre of Clark Street (odds numbers included), through the roundabout along the centre of Wolverton Street to the bridge (even numbers above 84 included), turn south east and follow the centre of the creek crossing Blockhouse Bay Road (353, 362 and above included) to Whitney Road. (All of Margate Road excluded). Travel north up the centre of Whitney Road (141 and above odd and all even numbers included).Turn west down the centre of New Windsor Road (54 /79 and above included) Turn north down the centre of Bollard Avenue (72 –90 included) to Methuen Road. Turn east into Methuen Road (48/47 and above included), continuing over Batkin Road (included) along Brothers Street into Valonia Street. Turn south along the centre of Richardson Road (229-423 included) Turn south west down the centre of White Swan Road (odd numbers included). At the intersection with Hillsborough Road (excluded) continue west along both sides of White Swan Road (including 152 and above). Turn south west along Gilletta Road to the coast. Follow the coastline to Craigavon Park. Turn north along the centre of Portage Road (all even and 187 and below included) to Golf Road. Travel west along the centre of Golf Road (odd numbers 189 and below included) before turning north along the centre of South Lynn Road (even numbers included). Continue along the centre of Parker Avenue (even numbers included) back to the starting point.

In zone streets

Addison Street

Dundee Place

Marlowe Street

Swinburne Road

Akehurst Street

Eleanor Place

Marshall Laing Drive

Tane Street

Ambrico Place

Ellis Ave

Mary Dreaver Street

Tania Place

Arahoe Road

 Endeavour Street

Mason Street

Taunton Tce

Armagh Road

Exminster Street

Matata Street

Taylor Glade

Astley Ave

Falkirk Street

Maui Pomare Street

Taylor Street

Ball Place

Fran Andrews Place

Maui Street

Ted William Street

Bannister Place

Francis Curtis Ave

Mayville Road

Temuka Gardens

Barkes Place

Gardner Ave

McFadzean Drive

Terracotta Drive

Barton St East

Geneva Place

McWhirter Place

Terry Street

Barton Street

Gilfillan Street

Melview Place

Thom Street

Batkin Road

Gill Cres

Meredith Street

Tiki Street

Battersby Place

Gilletta Road (both sides)

Mersey Place

Titirangi Road 2-128 (no odd)

Bellamy Place

Gilliam Street

Methuen Road (47+ both

Totara Ave (odd numbers)

Beverly Place

Golf Road 1-189 (no even

                   even and odd)

Trevola Street

Blease Street


Mitchell Street

Trinidad Street

Blockhouse Bay Road (353

Graham Bell Ave

Morpeth Place

Trojan Cres

    + odd  and 362+ even )

Grandison Place

Mulgan Street

Tiverton Rd  62-98 / 89-131

Boler Place

Havelle Place

Netherton Street

Ulster Road

Bollard Ave 72-90

Haycock Ave

Neville Place

Valonia Street

Bolton Street

Heaphy Street

New Windsor Road 52+

 Vivaldi Place

Boundary Road

Hepper Street

New Windsor Road 79+

Wade Street

Briar Way

Hill Cres

Nirvana Way

Waianiwa Place

Brothers Street

Hillview Cres

Ochre Street

Wayne Place

Brydon Place

Hinau Street

Pamela Place

Westminster Street

Busby Street

Humber Place

Parfitt Street

White Swan Road (152 + )

Caledonian Place

Hutchinson Ave

Parker Ave (even numbers)

White Swan Road odd #s

Castlewood Grove

Islington Ave

Pasteur Place

Whitney Street (all even #s)

Chaucer Place

Jamaica Place

Paua Place

Whitney Street 141 + odd

Clark Street (odd numbers)

Jana Place

Penbury Place

Whittle Place

Cleland Cres

Jasmine Place

Peter Buck Road

Willerton Ave

Clinker Place

Joan Stumbles Cres

Peter Mulgrew Street

Windemere Cres

Condliffe Cres

John Davis Road

Pimento Place

 Wolverton Street (even

Congreve Place

Kay Drive

Pitfire Place

 numbers above 84)

Connaught Street

Keats Place

Pokapu Place

 Woolley Place

Connell Street

Kendrick Place

Portage Road 1-187


Copplestone Place

Khandallah Place

Portage Road 2-186


Cordelia Place

Kimberhall Ave

Puketea Street


Covic Place

Kinross Street

Rankin Ave


Craigbank Road

Kirkwood Cres

Rathlin Street


Crecy Place

Krisley Court

Reiman Place


Crown Lynn Place

Laburnum Road

Richardson Road (229-423)


Crowther Street

Landseer Place

Rosamund Ave


Crudge Street

Letterkenny Place

Roseville Street


Cutler Street

Lewis Street

Ryehill Close


Dallas Place

Links Road

Sally Place


Davern Place

Lucknow Place

Seabrook Ave


Denyer Place

Lynbrooke Avenue

Sheridan Drive


Dickey Street

Lynfield Place

Shipton Place


Dolan Place

Maclaurin Street

South Lynn Road

(even #s)


Donovan Street

Maioro Street

Springside Place


Dundale Ave

Marconi Place

Subritzky Ave



Margan Ave