The school day commences at 8.45am. All students should be organised and ready by that time.

School finishes at 3.00pm each and every day unless prior notice is given. For example, students may be dismissed at 2.00pm after an end of term assembly on the last day of term, or students may be dismissed at 1.00pm on days when parent interviews are held.

Buses leave from outside the main entrance by 3.05pm each day.

All children should be out of the school grounds by 3.30pm unless they are required for sports practices or other activities.

If a student is absent, please ring or email the school so that the teacher can be informed on 626 6414 or When the student returns to school please send a note explaining the absence.

If a child is being removed from school for a period of time, please write to the Principal, Michael Malins, well in advance informing him of your intentions. A letter from the principal will be sent to you approving this leave.

There are only 197 days in a school year and every one of these is important. Regular and punctual attendance is imperative. If a student is late for school they need a note from home or they need to be signed in at the school office by the parent or caregiver.