Blockhouse Bay Intermediate is a large and dynamic school that runs smoothly because of well structured rules and expectations. We have high expectations and all people in our school are asked to respect our people, our places of learning and the tools that help us learn. The school believes in a positive approach to discipline.
By ensuring that:

  • rules and expectations are clear
  • teachers and children have clear procedures to follow to ensure behavioural management is consistent throughout the school.
  • staff are positive, firm and consistent
  • children achieve success from academic, cultural and sporting programmes
  • and that children are engaged in constructive play at break times

Children internalise standards of behaviour and become self disciplined through consistent management of behaviour by parents/caregivers, their peers and teachers through reference to the principles of restorative justice as well as School Wide ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’.

This in turn creates a school environment that is a pleasant, safe place for all.

BBI School Rules Behaviour Management