We are seeking a focused, energetic leader of sport and EOTC who understands the needs of emerging adolescence. The successful applicant will have exceptional organisation and communication skills. 

The Sports Coordinator/Head of EOTC & PE role at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate is seen as an integral part of developing a holistic view of the child.  This role revolves around team selection, coaching, collaboration with coaches, sports facilitators, students, staff and members of our community. As well as coordinating trials, training and organisation of western zone and interzone sporting events throughout the year it involves implementing and managing opportunities for all students to participate in sport throughout the year (this includes our athletics, swimming sports and cross country days). 

The Head of EOTC role is responsible for out of the classroom learning experiences that provide students with a range of contexts to develop the key competencies, explore their values and the values of others, and apply learning across the curriculum. At Blockhouse Bay Intermediate this involves the organisation of our major EOTC events on the school calendar. This includes: the Tongariro crossing trip, the Matamata sports camp/s, AIMS, the Year 8 Motutapu Outdoor Camp experience and Year 7 EOTC days. 

We have several experienced members of staff who are passionate about attending these events/experiences who will be a major support for all our EOTC & Sports opportunities.

The role is a fully released position however there is a minimum of 0.2 PRT release component. 

We are a large, ethnically diverse intermediate school in West Auckland. We stand tall by our four core values and focus on fostering meaningful relationships with our community.

This is a great opportunity to join a well-resourced and future-focused school. There will be many opportunities to improve your leadership through our Talent Management Programme.