Star Awards

As part of our recognition of effort, achievement and success within the school, we award a range of stars to our students.

On the last day of each term we have a special Star Awards Assembly where we celebrate the success of students who have been outstanding within the classroom throughout the term.

The star colour given in these assemblies is red and is related to the academic side of school life.

In order to make these awards special in honouring these students, we limit the number of awards given at each assembly. In a class of 35 or less, up to five stars can be awarded.

Tech Classes

At the end of each technology class cycle. Star awards will be awarded for outstanding success. Arts subject (visual art, music, dance and drama) shall be awarded yellow stars and is related to the cultural side of school life. Technical subjects (ICT, hard materials, electronics and food technology) shall be awarded red stars (academic).

Kauri Awards

As part of recognition of exceptional achievement, Kauri awards will be awarded as follows

  • Bronze Kauri – on the accumulation of two of each red green, blue, yellow and any two more, making a total of 10 stars.
  • Silver Kauri – on the accumulation of four of each red, green, blue, yellow and four more making a total of 20 stars.
  • Gold Kauri - on the accumulation of six of each red, green, blue, yellow and six more making a total of 30 stars.
  • A chosen staff member will record information for the students that are coming up for a Kauri award. A guest presenter will be organised once a certain number of awards has been met.

Weekly Certificates

One is given out at assembly weekly with a red star.

Stars are also awarded throughout the school year for:

  • service green
  • culture yellow
  • sports blue

How to wear your stars

Wear your stars with pride.

Sew your star on the left sleeve of your sweatshirt as shown in the picture below. Please remember white background with coloured star showing.


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