Learning at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate

Blockhouse Bay Intermediate builds on the strong foundations established at primary school in the areas of literacy, numeracy, inquiry, arts, sport and digital technologies. Our teachers develop a deep appreciation for each child’s stage of development in regards to the curriculum and can tailor each child’s programme to support and accelerate them within an inclusive and interactive learning environment.

Children are taught to respect and celebrate each other’s differences and to encourage each other to strive for excellence. We understand that we all learn in different ways and we provide many opportunities to explore diverse learning experiences which include Integrated Inquiries that evolve strong foundations in;

  • Science inquiry (Including education for sustainability)
  • English and languages (Te Reo, Mandarin, Korean)
  • Mathematics
  • Technology (Design, Digital and Hard Materials)
  • Arts (Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts)

Underpinning our learning lies Social Sciences and an emphasis on promoting an appreciation of our place in a rapidly changing global community. Growing active learners who understand having a purpose in life requires having a life of purpose.