21st Century Learners

In our changing world technology is no longer an “add on” to learning. Devices are as integral to our learning as the pen and pencil. At BHBI our curriculum and learning is tailored to learning within and beyond the classroom. As with any space for learning, we actively teach positive behaviour for keeping ourselves safe within our digital footprint.

Students can engage and collaborate online through safe, shared spaces that are managed and overseen by their teachers through Hapara and Google Class. Parents are able to receive real time updates and share their child’s learning through Apps on their own device.

We provide BYOD along with the school’s own multi platform devices that can be utilised by all students across the school and across the cloud.

  • Sharing and celebrating our learning with you the parent is central to a successful partnership.
  • Preparing our children for future schooling ensures they are well prepared for their next step and beyond.
  • Global connections extend our learning across communities and across countries.