About Us

Established in 1959, Blockhouse Bay Intermediate provides exceptional learning opportunities for students aged 11-13 years old.

Our highly qualified teachers, along with our student focused learning approach, ensures we value the whole child and their family on their learning pathway.

Intermediate is a special opportunity to nurture and grow our emerging adolescents and strengthen not only academic excellence but also their social, physical and emotional resilience in preparation for the years ahead.

Blockhouse Bay is home to many cultures. Our inclusive practice, sporting opportunities, digital learning focus, and international student programme and homestay exchanges ensures our children appreciate their connection as global learners and their role as emerging leaders in our community.

All students are encouraged to engage in the rich opportunities afforded them. These include.

  • Engaging in authentic learning opportunities developed from the New Zealand Curriculum, while reflecting our unique people, our cultures, and our place in our global community.
  • Making new friends and building strong connections to carry them forward.
  • The chance to try out a wide range of learning and sporting opportunities outside the class.
  • Deepening their appreciation for the environment and how they can positively influence sustainable environments.
  • Learning and engaging in new languages, cultures and exchange opportunities with our sister schools.
  • Being active leaders of their own learning and drivers of their own success.
  • Being treated with respect and dignity as future leaders of our community